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speak her gr●ief,” exclaimed Lord St.Clai●r to his sister, one day, after vainly endeavour▓ing to excite a smile, “she would suffer les●s then; but she has never wept since; and befo?/p>



b▓ut draw forth her confidence—but mak●e her weep.Is there no possible way” “I ▓fear none: s

Rock anguish fr▓om the thought that

he shrinks from the s●lightest approach to the subje▓ct.I feel as if I dared not speak poor Reginal▓d’s name.” Chance, however, d●id that for

John she had betra●yed her love, though by n


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which even Lady ●Emily’s courage failed.Annie was r▓eclining, one morning, in a f▓avourite boudoir, her eyes languid▓ly wandering over the beauti●ful lan

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